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Gecko or "tokek" Likes The Ghost?

Posted by projecttokek on January 8, 2011

Byword in our society, gecko or “tokek” is a ghost of an animal carrier. Animals are nothing more than a huge gecko this, keep the history of occultism in its development. Gecko is also believed to cure various kinds of diseases.
In the history of development, the gecko or “tokek” is known close to the spirits. Call it when the Prophet Muhammad hid in the Cave of Hira, Gecko notify the troops of Abu Jahl through a genie that side,
if the Prophet was in the cave. But it survived because of God’s messengers are protected cobwebs are very thick.
Maybe it sepetik story geckos are friends with the genie. And in his journey, until now, the voice believed to be able to call gecko supernatural beings. And if it has been repeatedly rang the animal, meaning delicate creature was getting closer. Is that correct?
According to a psychic who settled in Tembung, Ki-Teak Single, occult-related story geckos that’s not quite true. However, he admitted, there is kind of ethereal being who you really like this reptile.
“There are some spirits who love geckos or “tokek”, ” says this tall man with no mention of animal.
Gecko save a myriad of mysteries. Though synonymous with ethereal being, but the animal was able to stick to the wall, is believed to cure various kinds of diseases.
As one hunter disclosure geckos, Vani, residents Perumnas Mandala. To POSMETRO he reveals, these animals could be valued up to millions of rupiah, if it has a minimum size of 2 ounces.
By Vani, the animal could become a medium of traditional medicine. Cure asthma for example. And also circulated in the community, the heart of the gecko is able to heal diseases caused by HIV virus. Unfortunately, until now there is no sure truth.
Save Yourself Tricks
Gecko is the animal that are skilled in acrobatics. His ability is most famous, perhaps, capable of running on a wall surface or foliage, or even perpendicular to the upside on the ground though. During this time, the scientists concluded that the secret from this capability is a super-hairs on the surface there is little gecko foot.
When a gecko foot dipijakkan to a surface, hairs millionths of a meter size that can be activated to increase the friction between the foot and the surface. But apparently, the gecko still have other tricks that can be learned, namely tail movements or five feet.
From the analysis of American Scientists, the speed of movement of geckos produced some surprises. Among other things, to prevent it from falling, gecko tail to the wall surface stresses. That way all four legs have enough time to shift and move closer back to the wall, using their tails as fifth legs, four feet at least as supporting the original.
Then, the tail gecko or “tokek” serves to rotate the body when in the air, before touching the ground. And to avoid landing in a place that hard, the gecko uses its tail to select the runway. With his tail geckos also able to glide as he turned to where he wants.

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