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U.S. Researchers Discover New Family Gecko or tokek

Posted by projecttokek on January 8, 2011

(WASHINGTON) – U.S. researchers have discovered a new family of gecko, the findings will have implications for technology and the environment. INILAH.COM

Researchers from the University of Minnesota and Villanova University, Thursday (22 / 5), reported that they had been named the new family of geckos with Phyllodactylidae.
The name refers to the leaf-shaped toes of many species in the group (phyllo meaning ‘leaves’ and dactyl means ‘finger’).
New family consists of the 103rd species found in tropical and semi-dry areas in North Africa, Middle East, North and South America and the Caribbean.
Many scientists have long been interested in geckos and their development because this animal is a biodiversity and important clue is found in almost every continent.
They are also interested in the gecko or “tokek” because of the animal’s feet are sticky, which allows them to climb rough or slippery surfaces – a characteristic that may have implications in the field of human medicine, emergency rescue service and military industries.
The research team is also assembling DNA from 44 species of geckos, and use genetic data to rearrange the animal family tree.
The new classification is different from previous classifications, which are based solely on the composition of the foot.
“The classification is based on the composition of foods will track selective pressure on the feet and not an actual evolutionary history,” said Tony Gamble from the University of Minnesota.
He believes their findings will add a more accurate gecko family tree, which in turn will enable scientists to better understand how sticky the gecko foot development.
The study was planned to appear in the new issue of Zoological Scripta.
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